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A big Thank You to all speakers, delegates, sponsors and business partners for your participation and support to make our recently concluded Medi-Ventures Business Summit Asia 2014 a rousing success!

Medi-Ventures Business Summit & Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia 2014

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The New Medi-Ventures Business Summit & Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia 2015

We are in the process of planning for the next event which promises to be refreshed with new tracks and topics.
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Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to join us next year!

Medi-Ventures Business Summit Asia 2014

Global insights on aesthetic cosmetic surgery business, not found anywhere else...

Medi - Ventures Business Summit Asia 2014 - Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery Business Development is uniquely positioned as the world's only event for business decision-makers of corporations in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine sectors to meet, network and discuss latest industry trends, partnership models and investment opportunities in Asia.

Get ready to engage with movers and shakers in global conversations about business development, corporate strategy, growth and profit trends, economics and finance - conversations that make business people think critically, helping them to form insightful opinions and support persuasive arguments.

When you attend Medi - Ventures Business Summit Asia 2014 - Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery Business Development, you open the door to global debates, witty accounts and fresh perspectives that may just change the way you look at the world on how to better manage your aesthetic cosmetic surgery business, from Global to Asia.


Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia 2014 and Medi-Ventures Business Summit 2014 Show Highlights

Why You Should Attend

  • Be part of Asia's most strategic cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic industry gathering
  • Learn how to leverage on alliance, mergers and acquisitions as a core strategy for growth
  • Discover how you can gain competitive advantage through forging successful joint ventures and partnerships
  • Uncover ways to grow an aesthetic and skin clinic chain into a well branded regional chain
  • Pick out strategies on how you can break through difficult markets with growing demand
  • Learn about new markets, products and solutions for outlicensing and distribution opportunities
  • Identify funding and investment available to support new franchise expansion
  • Optimize distribution operations from successful Case Studies

Who You Will Meet

  • Industry Specialty, Principals, Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Underwriters
  • Aspiring Operators
    • Private Healthcare Providers
    • Medical Centres
    • Mega Hospital Groups
    • Doctors Groups
  • Operators
    • Established Aesthetic & Surgery Hospitals
    • Aesthetic Chains
    • Up & Coming Aesthetic Franchisors
    • Plastic Surgery Clinic / Hospitals
    • Medical Tourism Operators
    • Medical Spas
  • Government Bodies
    • Country Tourism Boards
    • Ministries of Health
    • Policy Makers
  • Investors
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds
    • Asset Management Funds
    • Private Equity & Venture Capitals
  • Event Partners & Alliances
    • Trade Agencies
    • Country Medical Aesthetic Bodies
    • Dermatological Associations
    • Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Associations
    • Investor Associations
    • Media Partners
  • Key Opinion Leaders
    • Renowned Aesthetic Pioneers
    • International Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeons









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