Medi-Ventures Business Summit & Gender Aesthetic Congress 2014
Medi-Ventures Business Summit & Gender Aesthetic Congress 2013

Official Journal of the
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine USA

Inviting Aspiring Doctors, Founders, CEOs, VPs of Sales & Regional Directors Business Strategy Learning & Corporate Development to Foster New Partnerships for Medical Aesthetic Clinic Owners, Operators, Investors, Principals, Manufacturers, Distributors & Investing Partners

Featuring: Intensive Networking Luncheon & Cocktails Speed Networking Session As Asia flourishes as a rising market for the medical aesthetic industry, it provides great partnering and joint ventures opportunities. Running on its 3rd year, Medi-Ventures Aesthetic Business Summit 2015 is a unique platform for regional top players and international companies in medical aesthetic business

  • To discuss new cross border start-ups, funding transactions between investors and operators
  • To allow fostering of business development & licensing opportunities between principal, distributor and clinic owners
  • To put together movers and shakers in rapid fire case studies on emerging and difficult market in Asia and intense networking
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Licensing & Distribution
  • M&A
  • Capital Raising
  • IPO
  • Market Access
  • Joint Ventures
  • Expansion into Difficult
  • Asian Markets
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Sales Models
  • New Launch Excellence
  • Cross-border Relationship

Why You Should Attend

  • Be part of Asia's most strategic cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic industry gathering
  • Learn how to leverage on alliance, mergers and acquisitions as a core strategy for growth
  • Discover how you can gain competitive advantage through forging successful joint ventures and partnerships
  • Uncover ways to grow an aesthetic and skin clinic chain into a well branded regional chain
  • Pick out strategies on how you can break through difficult markets with growing demand
  • Learn about new markets, products and solutions for outlicensing and distribution opportunities
  • Identify funding and investment available to support new franchise expansion
  • Optimize distribution operations from successful Case Studies

Who You Will Meet

  • Industry Specialty, Principals, Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Underwriters
  • Aspiring Operators
    • Private Healthcare Providers
    • Medical Centres
    • Mega Hospital Groups
    • Doctors Groups
  • Operators
    • Established Aesthetic & Surgery Hospitals
    • Aesthetic Chains
    • Up & Coming Aesthetic Franchisors
    • Plastic Surgery Clinic / Hospitals
    • Medical Tourism Operators
    • Medical Spas
  • Government Bodies
    • Country Tourism Boards
    • Ministries of Health
    • Policy Makers
  • Investors
    • Sovereign Wealth Funds
    • Asset Management Funds
    • Private Equity & Venture Capitals
  • Event Partners & Alliances
    • Trade Agencies
    • Country Medical Aesthetic Bodies
    • Dermatological Associations
    • Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Associations
    • Investor Associations
    • Media Partners
  • Key Opinion Leaders
    • Renowned Aesthetic Pioneers
    • International Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeons

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